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I want to get out of pain and back to my Active Life without more doctor's visits

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I'm ready to differentiate my business, create careers for staff, and stop competing in the fitness space

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I'm ready to have a career change solving high value problems, helping to bridge the gap between fitness and healthcare

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"Since the day we joined Active Life our finances are to the moon.  For seven years, it was just a net in out... money in, money out.  Since we signed up with Active Life we are 3.5x the day we signed up.

Mike DeMarco, Pro Path Gym Owner, Motives Movement

"Since joining Active Life my whole life has changed... my income has doubled.  I'm making $6-7000 a month which is amazing.  I never thought I'd be making that kind of money in such a short time... I have a much better work life balance and overall I'm just so much happier."

Ashley Crocker, AL-P Coach, Courage Fitness Durham


"I haven't missed a day at the gym since I started with Active Life.  It's been six-plus months now and I don't hesitate to pick up something off the floor.  Instead of getting strong around the issue I have a coach that's truly addressing what needs to be addressed both injury-wise and in me as a person."

Sheila Rixon, 1-on-1 Client


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