Make a bigger impact, and more money, solving problems other people can't.  


Have you ever lost a client after they told you something like, "exercise is dangerous" or "I'm afraid I'm going to get hurt"?

This is THE NUMBER ONE OBJECTION most coaches and gym owners deal with.

Imagine what would happen to your gym if you were known in the community as THE place to train to get in amazing shape AND avoid injury.   

Imagine clients being so satisfied with your concern for their health and wellbeing that they recruit new clients without you even having to ask. 

To achieve these kind of life changing results you need a plan.

You need to KNOW how to identify flexibility and mobility limitations.

You need to KNOW how to modify workouts to keep your clients out of potentially dangerous ranges of motion.

You need to KNOW how to correct the limitations. 

Good news! We've taught thousands of coaches to identify, modify and correct flexibility limitations since 2015. 

You can be next. 

All you have to do is start the Active Life Fundamentals course today. 

"I sold over $5,000 in coaching the first week after I started using what I learned from Active Life. It changed my entire career. "

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Could you use an extra $5,000?

To make more money with less effort you need to provide a service other coaches and gyms don't.

A service your clients probably ALREADY want...even if they don't know it exists.  

A service they tell their friends about without you even asking them to.

We've taught hundreds of coaches and gyms how to use our flexibility and mobility assessments to provide exactly the kind of service customers LITERALLY LINE UP to pay for. 

All you need to do to take the first step to changing your business, and your life, forever is to hit the button below and get started today. 


"The content is incredible. So simple to implement and so powerful. I wish I started using it years ago."

You didn't become a coach to get rich.

We hear this a lot.

Here's something you need to hear - it's okay to make a lot of money as a coach.

It's okay to have a better car, a better house and a staff of coaches working for you putting food on the table for their families.

You don't have to work endless hours trying to make ends meet. 

You don't need to trade time for money and NOT make the impact you are capable of.  

You need to provide something other coaches and gyms can't - a comprehensive solution to keep athletes happy healthy and training in this gym. 

The Active Life Coach Fundamentals course is the first step on your journey to professionalizing your gym and supercharging your profit. 


"5 STARS! This wasn't just about flexibility and mobility but about how to make people better. I wish I started working with you sooner."

Active Life Coach Fundamentals

What's Included

  • On-Line training on the Active Life Flexibility and Mobility assessments. 
  • Modification protocols to keep your athletes out of dangerous ranges of motion. 
  • Enough knowledge to apply Active Life Assessments in your gym tomorrow.
  • Access to 9 Corrective Action Programs you can easily use with your clients. 
  • Sales training with Dr. Sean on how to use the assessments and corrective action programs to earn a better living. 
  • A monthly group call with a member of the Active Life Coaching staff to continue your education and answer your questions. 

Investment - Only $999 then $49/month



"I made more money the 3 months after implementing the Active Life assessments than I did all of last year. "


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