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Our mission at Active Life is to elevate and professionalize the coach.

You have an opportunity to massively impact your members.

You interact with them several times per week. 

You help them become better versions of themselves. 

Would you also like to help injured members get back in the gym with the confidence you are doing it the right way?

Would you like to easily identify and correct mental barriers to improved performance?

Would you like to make a better living doing what you love? 

Maybe open your own gym? Hire staff so you can take some time off? Open more locations?  

We can help you do all these things and have fun along the way. 

Remember, a good coach provides value. 

A great coach changes lives. 

Which coach do you want to be? 


"The content is incredible. So simple to implement and so powerful. I wish I started using it years ago."

What's Included


  • Access to Active Life Doctors and Coaches in the Forum. 
  • Exclusive members only content.
  • Q and A sessions exclusively for members. 
  • A network of Active Life trained coaches to help you out. 
  • On-Line training on the Active Life Flexibility and Mobility assessments. 
  • Modification protocols to keep your athletes out of dangerous ranges of motion. 
  • Access to 9 Corrective Action Programs you can easily use with your clients. 
  • Sales training with Dr. Sean on how to use the assessments and corrective action programs to earn a better living.  

Investment - $99/month



Community Forum Topics

Get assistance from members of the Active Life Coaching Staff and Active Life Trained Coaches and Gym Owners.

Our Community make it easy to find what you're looking for. There is a "feed" to ask general questions and "topics" for more detailed topics.  

Below are a few of our most requested topics: 

Share Your Story
Tell us who you are and learn about other coaches and gym owners improving lives in their gyms and communities. 

Case Studies
Have a client with physical issues you can't fix? 

A member causing problems? 

How about a coach? 

Someone on our staff or in the community can help find a solution. 

You don't need to go it alone. 

I Need Help! 
Have an injury of your own? Someone in the Active Life Community can help. 

If they can't we'll find someone who can. 

Podcast Discussion 
Ever hear Dr. Sean on a podcast and wish you could ask a follow up question?

Now you can.

Common Training Issues
Coaches run into the same problems over-and-over again. We post training videos here to help avoid making the wrong adjustments. 

We'll add more categories as needed. 

Our goal is to make this the best community for coaches on the internet. 

Hit the button below to get started. 

Investment - $99/month



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