Become an Active Life Professional (AL-P)

Considering changing careers because coaching isn’t cutting it?
Becoming an AL-P might be the change you're looking for.

The Active Life Professional (AL-P) bridges the gap between where healthcare leaves off and where fitness picks up.

They are the professional that provides solutions to clients who are typically swept under the rug by both healthcare and fitness.

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The Active Life Professional Core Curriculum

Overview: The AL-P Graduate is the best suited professional to help the clients lost in the gap between fitness and healthcare - creating an entirely new industry - through their ability to assess, program, and navigate the healthcare system while running a profitable business.
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What type of results do you want to provide for your clients?

Mike Geller met an Active Life Professional while on crutches and was told he may never fully walk again after a horrific accident.  18 months later, Mike wasn't just walking, he was running and living the life he wanted.

Can a part-time Coach Transform into a Fitness Professional?

Justin McClintock was a Part-Time group fitness coach who gave up a "normal job" to pursue his dream of helping people, full time.  He became frustrated because he couldn't help his classes and clients and his career was stagnant. Here's Justin's journey from part-time to Active Life Professional (AL-P) 


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Step 1: Identify and Communicate Movement Issues


Step 2: Provide Solutions and Monetize your Skills


Step 3: Scale your Time and Build a Career

What is the Active Life Professional (AL-P) Program?

It’s time to build a legitimate, sustainable, and fulfilling business for yourself around your skills. No more trading time for money or running into clients you can't help. Become an Active Life Professional and lead the industry.

  • 13 month curriculum where coaches develop skills that enhance their ability to assess, program, and navigate the healthcare system, as well as communicate effectively and sell ethically.
  • Blends online learning, quizzes, assignments, community support, and mentorship calls.
  • Coursework designed to teach you the proper programming, assessing, and coaching skills alongside with ethical sales, practical marketing, and business literacy to excel in your career and stand out as a top professional in this industry.
  • You’ll have access to online courses featuring video lectures, workbooks, quizzes, and assignments.
  • Community full of other professionals who are currently in the same position as you are or have been there in the past. 
  • Mentorship is designed to help you navigate the daily obstacles and opportunities of being a professional in this new industry. Your mentor will be on the journey with you to help create focus, navigate roadblocks, and achieve desired outcomes.
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Dive Deep into the Journey to Becoming an AL-P

Ashley Crocker, AL-P, Courage Fitness Durham