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6 days per week of warm-ups and workouts created to support your lifestyle. Designed by Active Life doctors and coaches with joint health in mind and delivered through our App.

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Access to our signature joint health programs that have helped thousands of people deal with aches and pains and can easily be layered into your workouts at no additional expense. 


Each workout includes video demonstrations, alternative movements, and equipment options. This flexibility allows you to stick to the program no matter what your setup is or where you can train.

You workout, you just do it a little differently now to work around the aches and pains.

That's normal, and totally reasonable. It's what over 10,000 people have told us in the last four years, you're. not alone.

The next thing those 10,000+ people told us... "I wish it didn't have to be this way, I just don't see any other way."

Well, there is a better way, we developed it, and it's worked over 10,000 times to help peole just like you to finally enjoy your active life without going to the doctor or missing the gym. 

Five years ago this kind of training was experimental. We were a small rehab clinic in New York and professional athletes would fly into town for our help because we were their "last hope". 

We did all of our experimenting on them, and over the last five years we have refined our methods to make them easy to understand, simple to do, and even more effective than the thousands of dollars that people used to pay us for our help. 

We believe that you should be able to get into great shape without dedicating your life to fitness, and we believe that you should be able to enjoy your active life without limits due to aches, pains, or overwhelming fitness plans. 

Our team of doctors, athletic trainers, and coaches have tailored Active for Life to be the last program you ever need, and the easiest program for you to follow, at a price that you don't even need to think about.

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