Gym Owner Digital Audit

Please take the time to fill out this digital audit in preparation for your Discovery Call with one of our team members.

Please fill out one form per location if you have multiple locations.

Depending on how readily available you have the information to you, it may take you some time to complete. We will need to know specifics such as gross revenue, membership pricing, coach pay, etc.

To make our call as impactful as possible, please have this completed at least 48 hours prior to your call so that someone on our staff can have time to review the information.

Please fill out one form per location if you have multiple locations.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out: [email protected]

Thank you!

The Active Life Team

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Question 1 of 21

1. Please provide your First & Last Name.

Question 2 of 21

2. Please provide your email address and phone number so we can share your results with you.

Question 3 of 21

3. How many owners are there? Please list all and their roles (for example, if there is a silent partner, etc).

Question 4 of 21

4. Where is the gym located?

Question 5 of 21

5. Do you take a salary each month? If there is more than one owner, please answer for all parties.

Question 6 of 21

6. How many paying members do you have?

Question 7 of 21

7. Please list all membership prices (including "grandfathered" pricing if you have it).

Question 8 of 21

8. How many coaches do you have on staff?

Question 9 of 21

9. Out of the coaches on staff, how many are full time (this is their only job)?

Question 10 of 21

10. What was gross revenue in the last 3 months? Please list each month separately.

Question 11 of 21

11. What was net revenue (money leftover after all expenses paid) in the last three months? Please list each month separately.

Question 12 of 21

12. Are you paying for all of your classes to be coached, including the hours you (or any owners) personally coach?

Question 13 of 21

13. What do you pay per group class coached?

Question 14 of 21

14. What are your personal training prices?

Question 15 of 21

15. What is the split for personal training for the coach and the gym?

Question 16 of 21

16. How many personal training sessions have you done in the last three months, not including personal training from new member onboarding if you do them? Please list per month. Ex:

Jan-30, Feb-30, March-30

Question 17 of 21

17. How much revenue have you generated in personal training in the last 3 months? Please list each month separately. 

Question 18 of 21

18. Please describe in as much detail your onboarding process for new members. Please include pricing for personal training or group onboarding (if applicable), what the sessions consist of, and pay to the coach.

Question 19 of 21

19. Which do you feel resonates most with the vision for your gym?


I want to own a gym with a high volume membership and part time coaches. Coaches that coach 1-2 times per week are okay with me.


I want to own a gym that creates opportunities for full time staff, and solves meaningful problems for members


I want to own a gym with fairly low volume membership, high price, no full time staff, and little to no personal training.

Question 20 of 21

20. Based on your answer to the previous question, what systems do you have in place to support that vision? 

Question 21 of 21

21. What do you believe are your gym's strengths? What do you believe you need the most support with?

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