002 | The Guest Show - Using fear to fuel your business with Patrick Sweeney

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Do you find yourself struggling with the decision to spend the money you currently have in order to build the life that you want in the future? This fear-response around having, spending and acquiring money is one of the biggest faults business owners have leading to analysis-paralysis and regret.

Today’s guest has made it his passion to transform fear to fuel in order to thrive and live his best life. Patrick Sweeney is an author, entrepreneur and adventure seeker on a mission to help others discover and face their fears. He found his courage after a near-death experience with cancer forced him to answer the question. “What the hell am I doing with my life?”.

In this guest episode, we dive into the neuroscience behind the fear response and different ways it can show up in our lives. We also unpack prior belief systems and false armors that are likely preventing you from taking that next step in business. Is the fear of losing what you currently have holding you back from taking the next step towards professionalism in your business? This one's for you!

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