007 Turning Pro | How to know if working at the right gym with Larry Gaier & Dr. Sean

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Are you a coach who is wearing multiple hats at your gym in order to make ends meet? Does your paycheck look like a menu of miscellaneous duties adding up to create a dollar amount that still leaves you barely scraping by? 


Are you a gym owner who is still using the 4/9’s model without truly understanding what it means for you and your employees? 


If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to re-evaluate your situation.


In this episode of Turning Pro, Larry and Dr. Sean breakdown how to know if you are in the right gym. They unpack how to negotiate your cut of 1-on-1 sales, determining if the work is worth the pay and valuing your energy expenditure. Plus, Dr. Sean discusses putting your ego aside as a business owner and being OK with your employees making more money than you do. If you are a coach or a gym owner, there is a ton of knowledge to gain from this episode.

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1:30 - Larry’s story

6:02 - Negotiating with the owner

13:00 - Energy in, energy out

17:15 - Are you happy?


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