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Uncategorized Mar 12, 2020

Are you someone who has been day dreaming of leaving your 9-to-5 for a career path blazed by your passion? 

Do you find yourself working for someone but thinking to yourself… ‘I could do this better’?

Are you wondering how to know when it's time to leave your safe job for the uncertain future of a potential career that you would love?

Today’s guest started off pursuing her career as a physical education teacher before she made the leap to running her own successful 1-on-1 nutrition coaching business and gaining the trust of her 44k plus Instagram followers. Joelle Cavagnaro (better known as Joelle Samantha) is crushing the exercise and nutrition industry and she’s bringing all of her learned experiences along today to help you acquire the skills to do the same. 

We discuss what it was like juggling school and a career, how she knew that she could do the job better than her boss and when it was time to bet on herself. We also breakdown how to learn as you grow your business, when it’s time to hire on help and what to do when you’re maxed out on time.

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