011 Turning Pro | When to say ‘No’ to that client


What if we told you that you can turn people AWAY and make MORE money in the process? If you are a coach that is taking on every single client that comes your way, there is a good chance you are doing one or two of these people a disservice.

What do we mean by this?

If you have even one client that makes you drag your feet in the morning you could be doing a better job.

In this episode we discuss how it is possible to be both effective for, and completely fulfilled by, your clients. Larry and Dr. Sean breakdown when and why it is essential to say ‘No’ to a client that is not a good fit. We discuss creating your ideal client, building trust and negotiating power by being transparent and when you should refer to another coach.

If you truly want to help everybody you meet, get ready to expose yourself and turn some people away!

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