Why Coaches Matter

Mar 29, 2021

By Dr. Lance Einerson

Most people have had a coach or at least a mentor at one time or another in their lives. These people fulfill a vital role.

That role is to illuminate and explore blind spots.

The blind spots we have are blind spots for a reason, whether it's due to lack of awareness, lack of skill, or unwillingness to look. On our own, we humans avoid blind spots like the plague.

Coaches are the people that throw the doors open on our proverbial closets, and rather than telling us there's nothing to be afraid of, they show us that the monsters are real.

More importantly, they show us how to slay them.

Does that sound grandiose for a fitness professional?

It shouldn't.

That's precisely what happens when fitness professionals turn pro and fulfill the potential of their role.

This is from a former client who found out that she was capable of more than she ever imagined.

Take a look.


Like many other people, she felt as if she couldn't trust her body. She felt that when the time came and she needed to step up in life for herself and those she loved that her body would pull the rug out from under her feet.

You may be thinking that she was overweight or had a serious illness, but you'd be wrong. She's young, vibrant, and in excellent shape.

The missing link for her was understanding what her body was saying when it was talking to her.

She couldn't understand the sensations that hit her like a freight train in her everyday life. She couldn't comprehend why she felt unable to move towards her life goals.

She had a blind spot, and that blind spot was stress.

Because she was unable to interpret what was happening in her body when something was on the line that she cared about (aka stress), she failed to rise to the occasion.

What did we do?

Using breathwork and exercise, we exposed her to MORE stress, and we worked through the sensations together.

We defined them and gave them meaning.

She categorized and sat with them.

She converted her body's reactions from an arch-nemesis into powerful tools that enabled her to step up and take control of her life.

She moved out of her comfort zone, took on a new career, and left her fearful victim mindset in the past.

When coaches care and have the right tools, they can change the world, one client at a time.