What Real Gyms are Saying about the Pro Path


With two cohorts of gyms in our Active Life Pro Path the results are  pouring in. 

Listen to what some of these gym owners and coaches are saying while still in the early phases of this year-long program.

  • "The additional money I've made since starting the Pro Path has kinda already paid for it and we're only in the second quarter of it." 
  • "I went from coaching 6 classes per day 5 days per week. Now I coach 3 classes every other day." 
  • "...we broke through a ceiling we had been stuck at for 2 years."
  • "Every time we come it's just knowledge bombs."
  • "The mindset shift was huge." 
  • "It was probably the best avenue for providing careers for my coaches." 
  • "This is the whole gamut. This is everything."



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004 The Guest Show | Gaining the trust of doctors as a coach with Dr.Nick, MD


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It is no secret that most of society puts their primary trust into medical doctors' opinions. At Active Life, we believe that the healthcare clinic of the future is the gym and the healthcare provider of the future is the coach; we also know how important it is to have the support and respect of medical providers to back you up.

Would you feel confident asking a local doctor to refer his patients to your gym? What do you think it would take for that doctor to do so? Do you believe that you have the trust and respect from the local medical community near you?

In this episode we talk to Dr. Nick, MD aka The Fittest Doc, about his contribution to CrossFit and the medical community nation wide as a doctor with SteadyMD. Dr. Nick is not your average MD; as a black belt in taekwondo, a CrossFit Level 1 Coach and the ability to throw around a heavy barbell, Dr. Nick is no...

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003 Turning Pro | Coaches guide to sleaze-free selling with Dr. Sean and Larry Gaier


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Do you know someone in your gym that NEEDS 1-on-1 training but you don’t know how to approach them about it? 


Are you letting your fear of feeling uncomfortable prevent you from talking to members about 1-on-1 coaching? 


If you haven’t learned the skills to sleaze-free selling in order to solve your members problems, you are doing them a disservice while leaving money on the table.


On this Episode of Turning Pro, Larry and Dr. Sean unpack how to engage a client in a conversation about personal training without feeling pushy or sleazy. We leave you with actionable ways to approach members TODAY, initiate valuable dialogue to better understand your client’s problem and navigate potential barriers that may come along.

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002 | The Guest Show - Using fear to fuel your business with Patrick Sweeney

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Do you find yourself struggling with the decision to spend the money you currently have in order to build the life that you want in the future? This fear-response around having, spending and acquiring money is one of the biggest faults business owners have leading to analysis-paralysis and regret.

Today’s guest has made it his passion to transform fear to fuel in order to thrive and live his best life. Patrick Sweeney is an author, entrepreneur and adventure seeker on a mission to help others discover and face their fears. He found his courage after a near-death experience with cancer forced him to answer the question. “What the hell am I doing with my life?”.

In this guest episode, we dive into the neuroscience behind the fear response and different ways it can show up in our lives. We also unpack prior belief systems and false armors that are likely preventing you from...

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001 - Turning Pro - Gain financial freedom as a coach with movement assessments

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Are you still looking for ways to increase 1-on-1 sales in your gym? If you are not implementing assessments for every single client, you are losing opportunity. Assessments allows us to provide safety and value for each client while creating conversation for personal training sales.

In this first episode of Turning Pro, Larry Gaier and Dr. Sean discuss how to turn assessments into cash flow by increasing personal training and lowering injury.  If you aren’t assessing every new client that walks in you’re turning your back on gym revenue and client safety.

Ready to get going with assessments? 

Download the free pdf that goes with this podcast at https://www.activelifeprofessional.com/podcast

Check out the movement screen video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0JFY5p_wdw

Connect with us:

Find Larry @larry_thehuman

Find Dr. Sean @DrSeanPastuch

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Pro Path Results: Before the Course Even Starts

active life pro path Dec 06, 2019

We're a quarter of the way through Pro Path 1 with our first cohort of gyms and our second cohort begins in January, though it is nearly sold out.  Once a gym signs up for the Pro Path, regardless of their start date they are able to hit the ground running with our pre course.  Curious if that could help your gym?  Here are just two of the gyms signed up for our next cohort, already seeing huge results without even officially starting on their path.\

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Take a look inside the Active Life Coach Assessment Workshop

Uncategorized Nov 20, 2019

The Active Life Coach Assessment Workshop is something different from every other workshop you've been to. What can it do for you? Check out this deep dive.


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Highlights from our First Pro Path Seminar

Uncategorized Nov 20, 2019

We recently had our first Pro Path seminar bringing together the coaches and gym owners in Cohort one.  Watch the highlights from it here.



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Coming Soon - A Blog by Active Life Professional

Uncategorized Nov 20, 2019

The staff here at the Active Life is so happy to announce we will be providing regular content here on our blog.  Stay tuned for more content over the coming weeks.  Is there something specific you'd like us to write about? Comment below and we'll make sure to address it.

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