Kajabi Basics - Customize Pages

kajabi Jun 14, 2019

To use Kajabi you must know this stuff.

Login to app.kajabi.com and start at Left Sidebar > Page Builder

Use this to customize pages. It applies to Standalone Pages and Pipeline Pages. It does NOT apply to Posts. Posts can't be customized like this.

Bottom Line: A page is made up of sections. Each section is customized separately by clicking on it or selecting it from the left sidebar. Every page includes 4 standard sections by default: Header, Footer, Exit Popup and Two Step Opt In. You add whatever additional sections you need.

Get Started

Go to either area listed below to view a list of pages (image below):

  • Left Sidebar > Website > Page Builder > Standalone Pages
  • Left Sidebar > Website > Page Builder > Landing Pages

To select a page, click on a page's title or the Customize Icon. Note: The icons don't show for a page until you hover over that page in the list. After you select a page you'll see the Page Title with a few...

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Kajabi Basics - Website

kajabi Jun 14, 2019

To use Kajabi you must know this stuff.

Manage the site's overall look, menus, pages and posts. Also evaluate how well the site is doing with revenue, sales and opt-ins.

Quick Links:  Design | About Pages | Page Builder | Standalone Pages | Pipeline Pages | Blog | Analytics

Reports: Grand Totals | Sales | Affiliate | Marketing


Login to app.kajabi.com and start at Left Sidebar > Website > Design. This displays the site's front page plus a list of Website Pages (image below).

Preview: View the page as a user will see it in their browser.

Manage Themes: Select and customize the site's default theme. You can change this at any time but usually it is set once during setup and left alone for a long time.

Navigation: By Default Kajabi provides a Main Menu and a Footer Menu (image below). The image shows the Footer Menu. All other menus are presented in the same format.

... Icon: The only Option is Edit Title. For...

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Turn Pro

Uncategorized Jun 01, 2019

Join the first Active Life Professional Cohort starting in September 2019. 

Limited to 40 members. 

Training starts in September 2019 and runs through September 2020. 

Have questions?

Click here to schedule a call with Dr. Sean to learn more.


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