011 Turning Pro | When to say ‘No’ to that client


What if we told you that you can turn people AWAY and make MORE money in the process? If you are a coach that is taking on every single client that comes your way, there is a good chance you are doing one or two of these people a disservice.

What do we mean by this?

If you have even one client that makes you drag your feet in the morning you could be doing a better job.

In this episode we discuss how it is possible to be both effective for, and completely fulfilled by, your clients. Larry and Dr. Sean breakdown when and why it is essential to say ‘No’ to a client that is not a good fit. We discuss creating your ideal client, building trust and negotiating power by being transparent and when you should refer to another coach.

If you truly want to help everybody you meet, get ready to expose yourself and turn some people away!

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007 Turning Pro | How to know if working at the right gym with Larry Gaier & Dr. Sean

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Are you a coach who is wearing multiple hats at your gym in order to make ends meet? Does your paycheck look like a menu of miscellaneous duties adding up to create a dollar amount that still leaves you barely scraping by? 


Are you a gym owner who is still using the 4/9’s model without truly understanding what it means for you and your employees? 


If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to re-evaluate your situation.


In this episode of Turning Pro, Larry and Dr. Sean breakdown how to know if you are in the right gym. They unpack how to negotiate your cut of 1-on-1 sales, determining if the work is worth the pay and valuing your energy expenditure. Plus, Dr. Sean discusses putting your ego aside as a business owner and being OK with your employees making more money than you do. If you are a coach or a gym...

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006 The Guest Show | Personal trainer to multi-million dollar brand with Randall Pich

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Are you struggling to turn your “passion” into a business that can support you both financially and emotionally? 

Today’s guest went from creating screen prints at 16 years old to inspiring people worldwide with his brand. Randall Pich is a CEO and entrepreneur who has made his way by going full-on in everything he does. At a young age, he learned how to turn his passion into profit which eventually taught him how to flip $300 into millions. Not only is he crushing it for himself and his multiple businesses, he regularly shares his process of how-to create on a budget with his thousands of followers (make sure to watch the video below). 


In this episode Randall takes us through the timeline of going from one personal training client to making money “overnight”. We also discuss when it’s time to turn a personal...

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005 Turning Pro | The 4 Pillars to get a ‘YES’ from a sales pitch with Larry Gaier & Dr.Sean


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How confident are you that the product you are selling will solve your client’s problem? 

How well do you truly understand your client's goal?

These are only a few of the questions you must be able to answer in order to earn the trust your client needs to give you a ‘YES’ without hesitation.


Today we are piggy-backing off of our last Turning Pro episode; if you haven’t listened to Coaches guide to sleaze-free selling, make sure to go back to episode 003. On this episode of Turning Pro, we discuss the 4 Pillars you absolutely need in order to gain trust and get a firm ‘YES’ from a client. We talk through developing certainty and building confidence with your client, how to communicate the value of your product and building a solid foundation to keep asking, even when the answer is no.


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Are you...

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What Real Gyms are Saying about the Pro Path


With two cohorts of gyms in our Active Life Pro Path the results are  pouring in. 

Listen to what some of these gym owners and coaches are saying while still in the early phases of this year-long program.

  • "The additional money I've made since starting the Pro Path has kinda already paid for it and we're only in the second quarter of it." 
  • "I went from coaching 6 classes per day 5 days per week. Now I coach 3 classes every other day." 
  • "...we broke through a ceiling we had been stuck at for 2 years."
  • "Every time we come it's just knowledge bombs."
  • "The mindset shift was huge." 
  • "It was probably the best avenue for providing careers for my coaches." 
  • "This is the whole gamut. This is everything."



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002 | The Guest Show - Using fear to fuel your business with Patrick Sweeney

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Do you find yourself struggling with the decision to spend the money you currently have in order to build the life that you want in the future? This fear-response around having, spending and acquiring money is one of the biggest faults business owners have leading to analysis-paralysis and regret.

Today’s guest has made it his passion to transform fear to fuel in order to thrive and live his best life. Patrick Sweeney is an author, entrepreneur and adventure seeker on a mission to help others discover and face their fears. He found his courage after a near-death experience with cancer forced him to answer the question. “What the hell am I doing with my life?”.

In this guest episode, we dive into the neuroscience behind the fear response and different ways it can show up in our lives. We also unpack prior belief systems and false armors that are likely preventing you from...

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