026 Turning Pro | How many intro sessions are right for your client


(Please note, this episode was recorded before COVID-19, ah.... simpler times)

Are you a coach or gym owner who is still trying to find that *magical number* of 1-on-1 sessions your new members need before going into a class setting? Are you afraid to tell a new member that they need 10, 15 or even 20 sessions with you prior to jumping into the group?

In our experience when we talk to most gym owners who are resistant to selling 1-on-1 sessions to a new client, the main concern is not that people don’t need it, but that they fear people won’t want or buy it. 

In today’s episode Larry and Dr. Sean give you a formula to implement in your gym today to determine a custom number of 1-on-1 sessions for each client. We discuss the questions to ask in order to reduce the likelihood of injury and how you can use these tools as a selling point to increase competence and create a safer training environment.

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