What Real Gyms are Saying about the Pro Path


With two cohorts of gyms in our Active Life Pro Path the results are  pouring in. 

Listen to what some of these gym owners and coaches are saying while still in the early phases of this year-long program.

  • "The additional money I've made since starting the Pro Path has kinda already paid for it and we're only in the second quarter of it." 
  • "I went from coaching 6 classes per day 5 days per week. Now I coach 3 classes every other day." 
  • "...we broke through a ceiling we had been stuck at for 2 years."
  • "Every time we come it's just knowledge bombs."
  • "The mindset shift was huge." 
  • "It was probably the best avenue for providing careers for my coaches." 
  • "This is the whole gamut. This is everything."



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Pro Path Results: Before the Course Even Starts

active life pro path Dec 06, 2019

We're a quarter of the way through Pro Path 1 with our first cohort of gyms and our second cohort begins in January, though it is nearly sold out.  Once a gym signs up for the Pro Path, regardless of their start date they are able to hit the ground running with our pre course.  Curious if that could help your gym?  Here are just two of the gyms signed up for our next cohort, already seeing huge results without even officially starting on their path.\

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