008 The Guest Show | Coach like you mean it with Chuck Bennington


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At Active Life, we believe that being a coach who cares is the floor not the ceiling. This means giving a F^&* is a non-negotiable and an absolute must as the forefront of your business. 

Caring is a vital step to professionalizing the coach and we dare you to find someone more passionate than today’s guest about this exact topic. Chuck Bennington is an entrepreneur and coach, CrossFit OG and former affiliate owner. You may recognize him from social media breaking down complex movements like the muscle-up or teaching coaches tactical application as a staff member for The Gymnastics course (formerly named CrossFit Gymnastics). 

In this episode we cover everything from identifying your ideal client to knowing when to turn someone away (Hint: you should be turning some people away). We breakdown the must-haves for ensuring client referrals,...

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001 - Turning Pro - Gain financial freedom as a coach with movement assessments

Do you want the free content that goes along with this episode?  Click here to claim it!

Are you still looking for ways to increase 1-on-1 sales in your gym? If you are not implementing assessments for every single client, you are losing opportunity. Assessments allows us to provide safety and value for each client while creating conversation for personal training sales.

In this first episode of Turning Pro, Larry Gaier and Dr. Sean discuss how to turn assessments into cash flow by increasing personal training and lowering injury.  If you aren’t assessing every new client that walks in you’re turning your back on gym revenue and client safety.

Ready to get going with assessments? 

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