Rethink breathing as a movement pattern to improve your clients health, fitness, and life.

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Breathwork Course

The pinnacle of breathwork training for coaches

The breathwork course is a 7-week course that teaches you how to leverage one of the most overlooked gateways to the way we feel and perform both inside and out of the gym, the breath.

The breath is our access point for influencing the nervous system, and since the nervous system has its hands-on the dial for both our mental/emotional and physical capacities we need to take it seriously.

Using the breath to influence these things requires you to understand the three components that all breathwork is built upon; mechanics, blood chemistry, and neurological state.

The breathwork course teaches you how to leverage all three of them so that you have the ability to use breathwork to help people anywhere on the spectrum from getting out of pain to increasing performance.

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"Learning how to adequately apply breathing techniques for my clients has helped them to achieve new states of well being and performance and has taught them how to mange pain in ways they didn't know they could."

Evan Balfour

What's Included


  • 7 Week course, including live video calls and homework assignments
  • Participation is remote and can be done from anywhere in the world
  • Downloads accompanying every week's assignments and calls
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Breathing as a Movement Pattern

This course is more than just a band-aid or sampling of the buzz-terms in modern "breathing" knowledge. Fitness professionals like you have never had access to a complete breathwork system like this before.

Here, you'll learn from our experts, from the ground-up, how to understand the breath, what it can do, what it can't do and how to help your clients with it.


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