Become an Active Life Professional (AL-P)

An Active Life Professional (or as we call it AL-P) is the fitness professional of the future. You know that there has to be more to a career in fitness than just making people sweaty. You want to help people solve meaningful problems that help them live fulfilled lives, and you want to do it for a career.  If this sounds like you, take the next step and begin the AL-P journey.

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Step 1: Identify and Communicate Movement Issues


Step 2: Provide Solutions and Monetize your Skills


Step 3: Scale your Time and Build a Career

What is the Active Life Professional (AL-P) Program?

It’s time to build a legitimate, sustainable, and fulfilling business for yourself around your skills. No more trading time for money or running into clients you can't help. Become an Active Life Professional and lead the industry.

  • 13 month curriculum where coaches develop skills that enhance their ability to assess, program, and navigate the healthcare system, as well as communicate effectively and sell ethically.
  • Blends online learning, quizzes, assignments, community support, and mentorship calls.
  • Coursework designed to teach you the proper programming, assessing, and coaching skills alongside with ethical sales, practical marketing, and business literacy to excel in your career and stand out as a top professional in this industry.
  • You’ll have access to online courses featuring video lectures, workbooks, quizzes, and assignments.
  • Community full of other professionals who are currently in the same position as you are or have been there in the past. 
  • Mentorship is designed to help you navigate the daily obstacles and opportunities of being a professional in this new industry. Your mentor will be on the journey with you to help create focus, navigate roadblocks, and achieve desired outcomes.
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Ashley Crocker, AL-P, Courage Fitness Durham