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We'll teach you how to help your clients in a way they never thought possible, earning more income while working less hours. 

Helping clients other coaches cannot allows you to earn more money as you turn your passion for fitness into a career.

You won't need sales funnels, digital ads or high pressure tactics to get your dream clients.

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Step 1

The Seminar

Delivered live and online over two days by our team of Doctors and Coaches, the Active Life Seminar teaches you:
  • Load vs Capacity: Why people get hurt
  • Athlete’s Hierarchy of Needs: Making the right decision by avoiding guesswork
  • Identifying the causes of limited range of motion
  • Differentiation and management of athletes with tendon issues: When to rest or load
  • 9-point movement assessment system: breakdown, demonstration and discussion
  • Tissue state: Why athletes experience short, stiff, or tight tissues and how to help
  • Rules for training/programming with pain
  • Strength balance: When range of motion isn’t the issue
  • Using the assessment for group class
  • Four Pillars of Trust: How to inspire members instead of pushing sales
  • Case Studies: Practice your skills with real-life examples
  • Mindset: Breaking old beliefs and gaining greater awareness
  • Live Q&A

Step 2

The Immersion

Do more than make people sweat.  Help your members and clients achieve life changing results that set you apart. 

  • Refine your assessment tool belt
  • Program design to help your clients get out of pain, and gain fitness at the same time
  • How to market your skills to get your ideal client
  • How to communicate your skills so that people like you and want to work with you
  • How to sell your services so that you can get paid top dollar for providing value
  • Feel proud to talk about what you do when you speak with friends and family
  • Refer to doctors in a way that demonstrates you know what you’re doing
  • Gain referrals from doctors because they can see and respect your ability
  • Make more money in less time
  • Gain massive confidence that you entered the correct profession 
  • CEU eligible
  • Taught online for your convenience. 
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Step 3

Active Life Professional

It’s time to build a legitimate, sustainable, and fulfilling business for yourself around your skills. No more trading time for money or running into clients you can't help. Become an Active Life Professional and lead the industry.

  • Deep dive into ethical sales to have confidence in any selling conversation
  • Advanced breathwork and bracing mechanics training
  • Business development training
  • Know your financials
  • Charge appropriately
  • Time block for sanity and to achieve flow state
  • Market effectively to attract masses of clients
  • Deliver a tactically world-class training experience to your clients
  • Taught online for your convenience. 
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