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Gym Owners

Are you tired of chasing new members?
Are you ready to differentiate yourself and finally love your career?
Do you want to make real money doing meaningful work?
Do you want to help your staff #turnpro?

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Step 1
The Seminar

Attract the perfect members who only you can help. 

Learn how to be so good that every gym that opens in your town is basically just another referral source for you.

Use the same methods that we have helped hundreds of gyms use to make meaningful money, helping committed members get the results that the fitness industry has failed to help them achieve.

It's finally your turn!

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Step 2

At Active Life, we believe that the healthcare of the future includes the gym and coaches. We also believe that the future is now.

Go from owning a gym to owning a gym business in under three months.  You’ll make your money back on the cost of the course before the course is even over.  
  • Learn your financials
  • What should membership cost
  • What should personal training cost
  • What should anything cost
  • How much should you pay your staff
  • How many members you really need
  • What does your gym stand for
  • Who is your ideal client
  • How to raise prices without losing your members
  • How to build a valuable and profitable on ramp into your micro gym
  • All the tools needed to get you ready for Pro Path
  • Delivered online for your convenience. 
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Step 3
The Pro Path

This is your opportunity to separate yourself from every other gym that sells ass, abs, and ego. Charge premium prices and get them by providing world-class service that fills the gaping space between the fitness and healthcare industries as they currently exist.

  • We train your staff how to be more valuable
  • We teach you how to magnify your team’s value
  • Help people who other gyms cannot
  • Earn referrals from doctors
  • Earn respect from coaches
  • Provide your staff with the roadmap and guidance to achieve financial success
  • Make more money with less members
  • Have no competition
  • Improve your marketing
  • Gain Ethical sales skills
  • Delivered online for your convenience. 
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