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You got into the fitness business because you wanted to help people, now you want to set your business apart, bridge the gap between fitness and healthcare, and make a living you can be proud of doing it.

It's finally your turn!

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Active Life Pro Path

Active Life Pro Path is a community of Gym Owners and Professionals dedicated to building businesses that are best suited to serve clients lost in the gap between Fitness and Healthcare.

We are creating an entirely new industry.

Throughout the Pro Path journey, owners develop skills that enhance their ability to lead teams, run a profitable business, and develop professionals who can create lifelong careers within their gyms.

They learn how to solve problems for their clients that no one else has ever been able to solve; and that includes doctors.

We believe that the most effective way to ensure success is through dedicated mentorship and data driven decision making.

Every owner has an assigned Mentor who guides them in implementing the Pro Path curriculum – doing it in an order that is most relevant and responsive to their business’s pressing needs along their journey with us.

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 Mike DeMarco loved training and made a gym that was a great hobby.  The pandemic challenged him to make a radical change for himself and his business.  Watch his story here.

Owner, Motives Movement


What is The Pro Path?

This is your opportunity to separate yourself from every other gym that sells ass, abs, and ego. Charge premium prices and get them by providing world-class service that fills the gaping space between the fitness and healthcare industries as they currently exist.

  • Pro Path for the gym owner consists of 3 elements: mentorship, coursework, and community.
  • Mentorship designed to help you navigate the daily obstacles and opportunities of business ownership. Your mentor will be on this journey with you to help create focus, navigate roadblocks, and achieve desired outcomes.
  • Coursework designed to empower staff as well as build, implement, and sustain the systems and processes that will move your business toward the vision you have created.
  • Includes up to 2 spots for your coaches to enroll in our coach education: AL-P
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Dave Rubin, Owner, Courage Fitness Durham