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Currently experiencing pain or an injury that has robbed you of your ability to do the activities you love the most?

Whether it's working out in the gym, hiking, playing with your kids, skiing, or neighborhood runs, movement is intertwined into your DNA and it's time to reclaim it.

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Watch Kathy's Story

Kathy is a full-time educator, wife, and mother of two.


Kathy balanced a busy schedule with a morning run and an evening gym session.  After time though, crippling back pain stopped the runs, and had her scaling her workouts more and more in the gym.
After trying everything and not seeing any improvement, Kathy took a friend's advice and reached out to Active Life.

Watch Kim's Story

Kim's a mother of three, a wife, and a teacher who suffered from hip pain for 15 years.

In the hustle and bustle of life, Kim Pastuch's hip pain took a back seat to being a wife, a mom, and a teacher.  She would wake up in pain on a regular basis and the bottle of Advil was never far. 

Kim's husband and owner of Active Life suggested she enroll and become an RX Coaching client after it appeared she tried everything else to fix the problem.  Here's her journey.

Noah Ohlsen : Injured to Peak Performance

8x CrossFit Games Athlete | RX Coaching Client

"Prior to working with Active Life, I’d been working around my shoulder injury rather than addressing it directly. I know now that was hindering me from reaching my true potential. 

We progressively healed and strengthened my shoulder and I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t ever think about it being an issue. 

After about 6 months of working with Active Life, I’ve not only completely healed my shoulder but also implemented regular body work that’s keeping me healthier. This proactive rather than reactive approach will hopefully allow me to have a season where I can compete at my full potential and not be held back by injuries like the season before."


Meet Simone

Simone started having leg pain that stopped her from playing racquetball, running, and even walking comfortably.  She did everything right to fix it.  She rested.  She went to the doctor.  She went to Physical Therapy.  But months later it wasn't better.  That's when Simone started working with Active Life.  Watch her story here.


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RX Coaching

Working with an Active Life Professional is the gold standard. This plan is completely custom and crafted to support you in achieving your personal health and fitness goals. Includes unlimited access to your coach.

  • 100% remote and online
  • Knowledgeable team of Coaches and Doctors
  • Finally, get out of pain without going to the doctor or giving up your active life
  • Personal check-ins and accountability
  • Work out on your schedule
  • No equipment requirements
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Meet an Active Life RX Coaching Professional

  • RX Coaching clients are paired with Active Life staff that guide you through every step of the process towards your goals
  • Your Professional is available for daily communication and feedback
  • The Active Life staff work together to get you to your goals
  • Our RX Coaching Professionals all come from different backgrounds and experiences, and then receive extensive training from the Active Life team

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  • Simple, effective, evidence based solutions created by Doctors and Coaches. 
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