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Are you currently…. 

  • Living in discomfort?
  • Suffering with pain?
  • Have an impingement that is stopping you from being physically active in the way that you want to be?

For whatever reason, we’ve been led to believe that it’s normal and inevitable for our bodies to become limited in the way they look, feel, and perform. 

It’s just not the truth. 
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"Since the beginning of the year I’ve been working with my Active Life coach Larry, and his coaching has enabled me to regain tons of the athletic function that I had lost. I love working with him." - Chris Williamson, Modern Wisdom Podcast Host

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The Active Life RX team is made up of doctors, athletic trainers, and fitness professionals who have the empathy, education, and experience to help their clients get out of pain and reclaim their fitness. 


The best part? No more doctors, pain meds, rest, or frustration.


If you’re currently suffering, being held back by your limitations, or simply want a coach who can guide you towards reaching your physical goals, schedule your free consultation with an Active Life professional. 


During the consultation, they’re going to ask you questions to gain clarity on your individual circumstance and guide you towards options. If they determine they aren’t the right fit for you, they’ll be transparent about it and make outside recommendations. 
Schedule your consultation. Get answers. It’s worth it.

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