Online Coach Awareness Seminar


Become a more valuable coach.

$499 one time. No membership required.

Become A Better Coach

Earn confidence. Solve bigger problems. Provide more value. 

Learn to properly assess human movement.

At an Active Life Coach Awareness Seminar you learn a comprehensive system to understand the impact flexibility and mobility limitations have on your members.

Solve Bigger Problems

so every member sees you as a valued asset in their life in and out of the gym.

Complex issues. Simple solutions.

The Active Life Coach Awareness Seminar provides skills you need to offer simple solutions to seemingly complex movement issues.

Earn More Money

by keeping members healthy, happy and training with you.

Obtain Continuing Education Credit

The Online Seminar Experience is a nationally recognized and accredited course.

CrossFit: 5 | NSCA: 0.8 | NASM 0.8 | AFAA 8

Only $499 for lifetime access.


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