Programs for Coaches and Business Owners

Join Dr. Sean's Zoom Call on Monday, 4 May at 1 PM Eastern

Time to #turnpro. 

The Immersion

Learn the skills necessary to start and build a career as a coach.

CEU: CrossFit 16, NSCA 2, NASM 1.9, AFAA 15

Online Coach Awareness Seminar

Rise above average.
Gain the competence and confidence needed to earn trust with members while addressing their aches, pains, and “injuries”. 

CEU: CrossFit 5, NSCA .8, NASM .8, AFAA .8

The Pro Path

Work less. Professionalize your staff. Earn more.


A Community of gym owners and coaches shaping the future of fitness.

Breathwork Course

The pinnacle of breathwork training for coaches.  7 weeks of intensive education on how to apply breathwork programming for your clients.


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