Solving high level problems for highly motivated individuals who will proudly pay to have their problems solved


Grab a coffee. Block out 30 minutes of your time to listen to our value packed Masterclass. Commit to building the foundation that will be necessary for you to become the professional coach who can solve the high level problems that will result in a fulfilling, sustainable career

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A 32 minute, value packed Masterclass that will:

  • Explain the 2 types of people and which type will proudly pay to have their problems solved
  • Cover the current options available for the people who will pay to have their problems solved
  • Work you through an exercise that will help you gain financial clarity (the answer you come up with will be much different from what you think it is)
  • Introduce you to the 2 pathways that will be available for you to walk down as we move into the future as an industry
  • Give you 3 actionable items you can implement into your client process today (these items are part of a skillset that the majority of coaches do not possess)



Take Me To The Other Side

If you are ready to be regarded as a true expert in your field and within this industry.


If you want to solve high level problems that other coaches can't (or don't want to).


If you want to get paid a full time income because you’re solving high level problems for highly motivated individuals that will proudly pay for your expertise and guidance.


Taking 32 minutes to watch our Masterclass is your next step.


P.S. We’ve all opted into crappy masterclasses/webinars that resulted in wasted time.

This Masterclass is the opposite of a waste of time and is packed with practical exercises and strategies you can implement today.

We promise not to waste your time if you promise to commit 32 of your minutes to learn how to bridge the gap that can lead to you waking up to a fulfilling, sustainable career.


P.P.S When you go to opt in, we're going to ask for your phone number. We will not call you 50 times over the next month to harass you (we've all been there as well and it sucks). We're asking for your number so a real member from our team can text you and answer any of your questions. Or you can just ignore them and they'll take the hint. Completely up to you.

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