Active Life Seminar

Our prerequisite seminar that sets the foundation for the coach or trainer who wants to turn their passion for fitness into a career, earn $10k a month, work no more than 35 hours per week, and go on 2 vacations per year. 

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What’s inside the Active Life Seminar?


You got into this coaching thing (heck you may have even ditched another career path for this) because you genuinely have a passion for fitness.
  • The gym became your new office view (RIP cubicle).
  • You started to feel the blood pumping through your veins as you watched your clients accomplish their next physical goal. WOW has it been awhile since you felt this good.
  • Your business casual clothes got shoved to the back of the closet and Lululemon shorts took over as work attire. Let’s get an amen for being able to do what you love AND being able to perform squats without something ripping.
Going after this coaching thing was easily the right choice for you. You knew you were meant to be here in this space. Doing this work. Helping these people.


But somewhere along the way…

What started out as ecstatic enthusiasm...quickly turned into a daily panic of you questioning if you even have a future in this industry.


Month after month, people have been presenting you with their physical challenges, asking you to help them, and you have no idea how to solve their problem.

When people ask you what you do for a living, you hesitate to respond. You know you’re not respected or viewed as a professional, and quite’re starting to believe it too.

And the most depressing part of the month? The last 7 days...when you run the numbers and there’s still more bills than there is money.


Does this sound about right?

We know all of this because we’ve personally been there, living out that same, dreaded experience.

And the reason you’ve felt this way during your time as a coach is because up until this point, you haven’t been exposed to learning ALL of the elements. The ones that have to be learned in order for you to turn this passion for fitness into a fulfilling, sustainable career.

❌ You may have gotten the certs that prepared you to take on the ideal scenarios, where no problems were introduced into the equation. But you haven’t been taught the skill sets that are necessary to have when the problems are introduced….and they will be. 

❌ And you may have gone to the 2 day course, but no one taught you how to take those new skill sets and monetize them into a full time income.

That all changes...right now.

If you truly want to become a professional coach who is fulfilled by your work, making an income that supports your lifestyle…

You have to acquire these 3 skill sets:

1. Solve the high level problems that other coaches can’t (or don’t care to)

2. Add value and guide others through a process that leads to successful results. This will enable you to become the coach that peers, clients, and professionals can confidently refer others to

3. Create and sustain a full time income 

The Active Life Seminar is our prerequisite seminar that will give you all the tools you need to start solving (some) of the high level problems and add the kind of value that can result to an immediate increase in your income. Then we will send you out into the world to guide your clients through a process that produces successful results. Taking action on the skills taught in the seminar is a step you can't pass on your journey to making a full time income as a fitness professional.

If you’re committed to following our proven system that will guide you towards the ultimate goal of building a sustainable fitness career, take the first step by attending the Active Life Seminar.

I'm Committed

After attending the seminar, you will walk away with the ability to:

Confidently assess and solve the most common problems that have been plaguing your clients.

Immediately implement the tools that will enable you to become the professional that is respected and referred to by others.

Host events, identify quality leads, and start the process for increasing your income.

I'm Ready

It’s time to turn your confusion into confidence.

Panic into relief. 

Insecurities into pride. 

P.S.  You have to attend the Active Life Seminar before you can access our deeper levels of training. We can’t teach you how to make that full time income until we first teach you how to start solving the high level problems and produce successful results.

We could lie to you and tell you otherwise, but it wouldn’t be the truth, and if there’s one thing this industry needs more’s the truth. 

Learn to solve the high level problems, first. 


Add value and prove that you can produce successful results, second.


Become the professional coach that earns a fulfilling, sustainable income, third.


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