The Guest Show with Aaron Hinde


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On this episode of the Guest Show, the Co-Founder and President of LIFEAID Beverage Company, Aaron Hinde comes on to talk about the uncertainty presented by the COVID-19 outbreak and how you can steer your business through it.

Aaron's life story takes him through all the ups and downs that entrepreneurs face and this episode presents his actionable advice that you can use now to help get through the this.

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008 The Guest Show | Coach like you mean it with Chuck Bennington


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At Active Life, we believe that being a coach who cares is the floor not the ceiling. This means giving a F^&* is a non-negotiable and an absolute must as the forefront of your business. 

Caring is a vital step to professionalizing the coach and we dare you to find someone more passionate than today’s guest about this exact topic. Chuck Bennington is an entrepreneur and coach, CrossFit OG and former affiliate owner. You may recognize him from social media breaking down complex movements like the muscle-up or teaching coaches tactical application as a staff member for The Gymnastics course (formerly named CrossFit Gymnastics). 

In this episode we cover everything from identifying your ideal client to knowing when to turn someone away (Hint: you should be turning some people away). We breakdown the must-haves for ensuring client referrals,...

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004 The Guest Show | Gaining the trust of doctors as a coach with Dr.Nick, MD


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It is no secret that most of society puts their primary trust into medical doctors' opinions. At Active Life, we believe that the healthcare clinic of the future is the gym and the healthcare provider of the future is the coach; we also know how important it is to have the support and respect of medical providers to back you up.

Would you feel confident asking a local doctor to refer his patients to your gym? What do you think it would take for that doctor to do so? Do you believe that you have the trust and respect from the local medical community near you?

In this episode we talk to Dr. Nick, MD aka The Fittest Doc, about his contribution to CrossFit and the medical community nation wide as a doctor with SteadyMD. Dr. Nick is not your average MD; as a black belt in taekwondo, a CrossFit Level 1 Coach and the ability to throw around a heavy barbell, Dr. Nick is no...

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